1. Beautiful Spacious Lofts 

TheArtFactory spaces are massive, perfect for airy social distancing. Stages can combine to create a smooth transition from ceremony into cocktails and then to the reception area. There is less stress when you aren’t packing a tiny venue with a few hundred of your family and friends. TheArtFactory has multiple stages with indoor - outdoor options to move around.





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2. Artistically Customized

With TheArtFactory wedding everything is customized. Multiple backdrops, prop options, endless creative wedding themes and approaches.  Coined the "Hollywood East" location used by Disney, Spielberg, NBC Universal, HBO and Victoria's Secret, among others! This means you will have an urban chic magazine cover photos of your wedding day. Very cool! 

 3. Personal Planning Team

There is less stress associated with your planning process knowing that TheArtFactory provides you with your own dedicated planning team that is here for you 24/7 and access to a "Basecamp"  app. Our team of creatives design a truly unique and customized experience that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime!  

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4. History


TheArtFactory is a 5-acre historic campus with 21 historic buildings, 12 miles from NYC on Interstate 80.  This former rope factory built in the 1840's is adjacent to the Paterson Great Falls National Park.  Visit our vibrant campus to witness history while shopping in our Mercado, dining in our cafe, touring our galleries and visiting the National Park.


5. An empty canvas for

the creative mind


...turns an event into an experience! Grand Historic Loft spaces adorned with art and handmade furniture enhanced by the vibe of avant-garde music, fashion and film...




6. No time constraints  
I had a traditional wedding, and the first thing the coordinator sent to me was a “Day of Schedule”. It was like I was going to class again. I was allotted this much time to eat, this much time for photos, so on and so forth... At a typical corporate wedding venue you are restricted to an average 5-hour time frame which limits the possibilities and fun for your special day! TheArtFactory weddings are a full-day.  Come to get ready in your suites at 9 AM and party into the next morning!


7. Membership Forever

When you book your wedding with us you become a member, with 24/7 access to the entire Factory; on-site cafe; outdoor park and deck; wifi; access to wood and metal shops; networking with other members; community mixers; conference and event space; film and photo locations, or just hang-out. MEMBER of the Art Factory, kind of like being a member of Soho House but with more perks.

8. TheArtFactory Vendors


Connect and exchange your ideas with our in-house vendors and other couples who are getting married at TheArtFactory. Vendors include multiple caterers, hotels, florists, Dj's, and photographers. These "preferred" vendors add ease to your day since they are familiar with TheArtFactory and have executed multiple successful events! It should be noted we still allow outside vendors if you wish to have them.


9.Trolley Ride


TheArtFactory trolleys are a great attraction! Our old-school, one-of-a-kind, trolleys can pick up your guests from the main parking lot (just a block away) and escort them straight to our front door! Make it a cool highlight of your day with a stop at The Paterson Great Falls National Park. Another special highlight is that trolleys  take the bride and groom's family & friends to the The Paterson Great Falls National Park for pictures! 
10. Budget Friendly

Here is another big reason: the average cost of a traditional wedding in North Jersey is close to $60,000. Yikes! An amazing custom wedding at TheArtFactory is usually much less than that.

Did we mention you will also be featured on our route 80 billboard? 



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