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ArtFactory Jun 3, 2018 11:13:49 AM 1 min read

Incredible Industrial Chic WEDDING


Experience. Industrial. Chic. Vibe.

Historic industrial Art Factory spaces are infused with modern elegance and organic creative vibe.

  • Experience.  Events are Experiences at the Art Factory.  By booking your Experience you become a part of our Art Factory family with a Membership in the Art Factory for 24/7 access to our campus, resources and fellow creatives.  You can become as involved as you wish with our team of creatives in the planning and design for your perfect day.  On your day-of, you have exclusive 20-hour  access to your bridal suite, reception stage, ceremony stage, and cocktail stage.  Your guests can browse our marketplace and art galleries and take a trolley ride or stroll to the Great Falls in our neighboring National Park.
  • Industrial.  Art Factory is one of the first, grandest and oldest remaining factories in the United States that is open to the public - built 20 years before the Civil War in the first planned industrial city in the country, designed by Alexander Hamilton.  
  • Chic.  Art Factory creatives have fashionably appointed our breathtaking spaces with elegance and style complete with Factory-made lounge and dining furnishings, exceptional lighting and classy fabrics.
  • Vibe.  Welcome to our world of urban retro cool je ne sais quai where our community of creatives emanate positive energy everyday. 

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