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ArtFactory Nov 2, 2017 10:58:51 AM < 1 min read

ART FACTORY coworking space

The Art Factory coworking community brings the concept of coworking spaces nj to the next level. The Art Factory members have the privilege to experience, first hand the adaptive reuse of historic buildings. We asked them today what for them is the most important asset of the art factory coworking space:

  • access to photography studios including cyclorama + multiple backdrops.
  • the privacy of their office space
  • green deck at the enhance to the National Park
  • good conditions for business meetings
  • an opportunity to establish interesting contacts
  • exchange of professional experience with other users
  • creative atmosphere of work
  • participation in a professionally active group
  • establishing business contacts
  • access to equipment
  • high speed internet access
  • raising the prestige of the company



Come and enjoy the combination of all those assets and the ambiance of The Art Factory location.