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ArtFactory Mar 9, 2019 8:00:42 PM < 1 min read


Art Factory creative team specializes in creating bespoke and unique wedding experiences weaving in each Art Factory couple unique love story into their vision board. As a result of our collaborations, we create your perfectly themed wedding 

how does the planing process start? 

each member/bride usually starts with a color chart and memories of the couple's first date, favorite travel destinations, music or movie genre. The table scape bellow for example has a rockabilly feel with music and film notes. Color scheme is darker, with reds and black tints. Lots of candles and clear glass wear. This time the hearts of the couples, designers and fashion creators conquered rustic theme.
Return to old times with cool rustic backdrops is currently the hottest of the hits.
It's not to be confused, however, vintage retro - the first really draws full of 
grandmothers' times, while the second trend is only modeled on it. 
Vintage with hints of modern chic theme are what your guests will find at TheArtFactory Studios. You can also drive to the ceremony in the old school trolleys and arrange 
your reception in one of the incredibly charming industrial chic factory spaces.