CREATIVE SPOTLIGHT - Bithika Adhikary: "Art allows us to have a conversation about topics that matter..."

 1) Where were you raised? Can you paint a picture of your childhood?

Painting, poetry and sketching were always part of my childhood. I spent my early years in India, then did my graduate studies in Sydney, Australia and currently live and work in the New York Metro Area.

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2) Did you always create art as a kid, or did you come to it later in life?

Yes, art was always part of my childhood. I loved to draw and paint as a kid. I won a few art competitions back then. I has a hiatus from arts when I was in graduate school and later working in the Tech industry. I later reconnected with my passion with making art after taking a break from work and haven’t stopped since.

3) which artists have influenced your work? Why and how?

I draw inspiration from all forms of creative disciplines, other visual artists, both famous and emerging, film, poetry, technology, street art and calligraphy

4) any other influences (people, places, ideas)?

I love experimenting with new materials. Travel is always inspiring and I really enjoy checking out the local art in new cities.

5) tell me about your practice—how do you generate ideas, what medium do you use?

I have always been fascinated by the dualities – abstraction and form, movement and pause and the inherent energy in every moment. In my art I strive to interpret the energy, the spontaneity of the inner monologue of those moments. Working with type, collage, ink, bold colors and a variety of my own handcrafted tools , I approach my work with an experimental openness. I work in mixed media - acrylics, pigments, pastels, charcoal.

6) is your art more concept-driven or image-driven?

A bit of both. It can start a sketch or a visual metaphor which then morphs into the finished piece.

7) why do you make the art you make?

Art allows me to visually interpret my ideas, thoughts and thus connect with other makers and the creative community at large. Bithika Adhikary

8) does your art influence your life, and vice versa?

A bit of both.

9) what do you think about the notion "the lonely artist"?

Even though the process of creation can sometimes feel solitary, we are now more connected than ever, especially online and via social media, etc.

10) does your art connect you to the world in some way, or does it help you navigate the world?

Art allows us me to become part of the larger conversation happening all around, connect with so many other amazing artists in different disciplines.

11) do you make art for yourself or other people?

Through my art, I am hoping to communicate my point to view to a larger audience.

12) what purpose do you think art serves today?

Art allows us to have a conversation about topics that matter. It can be a great vehicle for expression, social change, for connecting with others in a shared or different discipline, collaborate and make an impact.

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