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ArtFactory Sep 11, 2021 10:23:22 PM < 1 min read

Choose from variety of talented caterers and vendors at TheArtFactory

The Art Factory gives couples the option to select from a wide variety of talented caterers the vendor they believe makes the best fit for their big day. Designed largely with social distancing guidelines in mind Mercado allows couples to browse on site and explore various options.

One of our in--house caterers -- Ultimate Caterer -- offers a number of great packages and menus for your selection. They provide delicious food for your event no matter your tastes, beliefs and unique dietary requirements. For example, if you would like elegant kosher cuisine for your black tie gala, they do that! Or if you want rustic vegan dishes for your wedding, their chefs are happy to oblige. With full access to the stunning premises, event assistance and the venue’s extensive list of vendors and partners, you can be confident your wedding will wow. Download The Ultimate's menu and explore the possibilities for your event.