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ArtFactory Dec 7, 2019 7:05:49 PM 1 min read

create unique and intimate settings for your engagement

Engagement is a special day in the life of every couple. This day is a symbolic introduction to the life-path together, which is why it should remain in the memory as a unique event. Although many people think that the best occasion for engagement is Valentine's Day, most lovers try to surprise their partners - not only with the date, but above all an unusual place.

Organizing an engagement seems to be simple, however it could be a real challenge. It is worth thinking it through so that the partner will remember it after many years with tears in their eyes.

How to organize an engagement?


The uniqueness of the engagement depends on proper preparation. To surprise your loved one, you may want to create unique and intimate settings vision and work directly with TheArtFactory team to finalize things. They excel in creating a perfect ambiance to match yours and your partner's style. This way, your proposal will confirm that you know your beloved perfectly.

The engagement date  itself should also be considered. The most popular are dates related to the anniversary or another special day for those in love. Gentlemen often decide on a proposal during the holiday. Relaxation, a romantic evening and a beautiful ambiance are the perfect combination. You do not need to go abroad - it's worth remembering that TheArtfactory, unique venue will give you the same feel without the hustle.

It's also a good idea to think ahead about the nature and form of the proposal. Would they be more traditional - with a ring and a bouquet of flowers? Or maybe the future bride will appreciate the more innovative, original engagement? No worries, our creative team it's open to your ideas or can also make suggestions.

The symbolic 'yes' is sealing and represents the true declaration of love. It is very much worth it to choose exceptional settings. Apart from the choice of the engagement ring or the date of the proposal, documenting it is important. Check out our talented vendors who are already familiar with the space. After all, it is the background of this sublime moment and determines its uniqueness at large.