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ArtFactory Feb 5, 2020 10:12:33 PM < 1 min read

Your Space

When a company dynamically develops, it goes through a natural stage in which its team grows. In particular, young organizations that focus on activities that support their business need a space that will not only attract new talent, but also allow creative and inspiring teamwork. Startups often look for not boring standard office space. Increasingly, they decide on spaces with soul, large Lofts, industrial and  interestingly arranged places. TheArtFactory focuses on multi-functional and flexible solutions and ways to adapt  to the needs of the crew/team. Most of our furniture, props are portable and build with respect to the structural architecture of the space. Young companies are dynamically developing, so when choosing office equipment, it is worth considering a furniture system that can be freely configured, as well as changing according to your team members needs. TheArtFactory offers variety of in-house professionally equipped, spacious and private stations, makers shops including; wood shop, metal shop and much more. Stop by TheArtFactory Cafe, grab cup of coffee and find out more ways of growing your business within dynamic and supportive community of creatives.  

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