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ArtFactory Mar 1, 2018 9:06:42 PM 2 min read

Why to choose factory wedding over a catering hall?

Planning your wedding doesn't have to be a lot of work as long as you make the right decision and choose loft wedding | industrial wedding venue over the catering hall. There are so many components, such as color scheme, floral arrangements, theme, and setting. Coordinating the menu and entertainment, videography and invitations... Relax, those decisions don't have to be made, I mean not this way. Catering halls always deliver a standardized product. Menu options are preset, and of course, the setting you see on your first visit is the setting you will experience on your wedding day. Catering halls present basically the same wedding every time; only the players get swapped out.

What the catering hall delivers is cookie cutter consistency, it misses in creativity and memorability.

The once-in-a-lifetime event that is your wedding is the perfect opportunity to artfully express your individuality. The chance to direct your unique wedding story--- to craft it from every detail--- results in vivid memories for you and your guests, for years to come. What's more, when you create your dream wedding within the factory wedding space, the historic flavor and cultural twist unique to Industrial Age Manufacturing Buildings, for instance, becomes the awe-inspiring backdrop for the vulnerability and tenderness of love. This kind of contrast creates a theatrical element that is sure to leave an impression on your guests.

TheArtFactory wedding sparkles within raw industrial spaces from the hey-day of America's first planned industrial city: Paterson, NJ. With vaulted ceilings and 20 foot factory windows, cobblestones and secret passageways, exposed timbers and deck gardens, TheArtFactory oozes historic charm.  Located adjacent to the The Great Falls National Historic Park in the heart of the Historic District, TheArtFactory is at the nexus of Paterson's arts and cultural rejuvenation. Home to working artists and craftspeople, with on-going curated gallery exhibitions, TheArtFactory is the perfect backdrop for your romantic fairy-tale design table, hand-written notes, cards and signs, and tastefully curated food tables and photo ops. Low-lit, centurys-old brick walls with gradually exaggerated texture allows just enough drama to keep guests amused...and your photographs completely unique. Your wedding becomes a work of art: individual, timeless, moving.



Consider TheArtFactory wedding:  With minimalist decor and handmade details, uniquely-crafted menu and food display tables, natural light flooding vaulting spaces full of arcitectural details... it all adds up to a unique romantic composition.