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Guide to How Much Alcohol to Buy for a Wedding

Guide to How Much Alcohol and Drinks to Buy for a Wedding and What Is Trending

A wedding is the best day of a couple's life as they make their love for each other official in the eyes of the law. Despite your wedding day being the best day ever for you and your partner, you also want your family and friends to enjoy the event. One sure fire way to ensure your wedding guests have the time of their lives watching you tie the knot is to make sure that drinks are flowing. If you are planning a wedding, this guide will help you know how much alcohol and drinks you should buy for your upcoming wedding day and what is trending in regards to the alcohol being requested or served.

Calculating the Amount of Alcohol You Need for Your Wedding

Alcohol can be quite costly when it comes to your wedding budget. However, the happiness and enjoyment of your guests are worth the investment. To determine how much alcohol you should provide for your wedding, take into account the following factors:

Guests often leave their drinks half-full to dance or socialize

Consider offering drinks with lower alcohol content as the event progresses. For instance, serve cocktails during the reception, wine pairings with dinner, and specialty cocktails, beer, and wine for the after-party

The longer your after-party is scheduled to last, the more alcohol you will need

Additionally, consider the time and season of your wedding. Daytime weddings may require less alcohol compared to evening events. The season can also influence the type of alcohol you offer, such as white and rosé wines for summer and reds for winter.

Current Trends in Alcohol Service for Weddings

Trends in the wedding industry change rapidly. If you're unsure about how to serve alcohol at your wedding, here are some popular trends that couples are embracing to ensure their guests have a great time:

Partial Open Bar With Specialty Cocktails: To provide a free option without breaking the bank, offer a selection of one or two signature or specialty cocktails that guests can choose from. You can also provide the option to purchase other drinks if they prefer.

Full Open Bar: This option allows guests to choose any drink that the bartender can make. However, keep in mind that this is often the most expensive choice.

Regardless of your decision, having drinks available for your guests is crucial to ensuring a memorable and joyful celebration. To receive assistance in planning every aspect of your upcoming wedding, don't hesitate to contact a wedding planning expert as soon as possible.

Preparing for a New Jersey wedding involves careful attention to detail. From the drinks served to the flower arrangements and venue, everything should be impeccable to ensure everyone has a fantastic time on your special day. At TheArtFactory, we can help you customize the event space for an unforgettable and historic experience. To book a New York style wedding at a New Jersey price, reach out to our wedding experts by filling out our contact form below.


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