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ArtFactory Sep 14, 2022 8:06:21 AM 3 min read

Guide to Planning a Luxury Wedding on a Budget

Guide to Planning a Luxury Wedding on a Budget

Whether you are a self-proclaimed Pinterest planner or you have not put much thought into wedding planning yet, it likely will not come as a surprise that planning a luxury wedding can hurt your wallet. While planning a quiet, simple wedding may be more cost-effective, you should not have to sacrifice the opulence you deserve on your big day because of a budget issue. In fact, there are several ways you can plan the luxury wedding of your dreams while staying well within your budget. 


Wedding Works @ the Art Factory is an industrial-chic wedding venue in New Jersey. Our team of wedding experts are dedicated to helping you plan the luxurious, memorable wedding you want while on a budget. We offer a one-stop-shop wedding planning experience with New York wedding inspiration while maintaining a New Jersey price point. 

Clever Ways You Can Plan Your Luxury Wedding on a Budget

You have waited your entire life to meet your perfect partner and now that you have found them and gotten engaged, why not celebrate with the most elegant, luxurious wedding of the year? Planning a wedding of this caliber can definitely get expensive, but with a little research and the right team helping you along the way, you can host your luxury wedding without breaking the bank. To get started, we have a few tips to help with your wedding planning process:

Do Not Rush

Wedding planning takes time. Of course, when a couple chooses to forgo a traditional ceremony and opt for an elopement, that is a different story. However, when it comes to a luxury wedding, the planning process is going to take time, and that is okay! Enjoy the excitement of each milestone along your planning journey and give yourself time to  research, seek out deals, and book early.

Practice Flexibility When It Comes to Dates

In the wedding industry, there are different price points for different times of year and even different days of the week. If the specific date of your wedding is not a vital part of the planning process, speak with your wedding planning team about different dates that may be the most cost effective. 

Choose Your Venue Wisely

The wedding venue is typically the largest financial investment you will make during wedding planning. If you are wanting a luxury wedding but have a budget to adhere to, you should consider wedding venues that offer benefits like wedding planning services, in-house vendors, and decor planning. 

Do Not Count Out Greenery

You may be shocked to learn that one of the biggest bills you will face while wedding planning will be from your florist. For your luxury wedding to still be brimming with the floral romance you are looking for, trim down your bill by adding more greenery to your arrangements. Greenery is beautiful and can add dimension to your florals while being less expensive at the same time. 

Repurpose Pieces

When you work with an expert team of décor planners, you can repurpose every piece used during your wedding. If you have floral arrangements and lanterns lining the aisle for the ceremony, those same pieces can be used at center pieces at the reception tables!

Book Your Luxury New Jersey Wedding at Wedding Works

Wedding planning can be stressful when trying to adhere to a budget, but your luxury tastes should not be limited when trying to maintain a frugal mindset. When you book your wedding at Wedding Works @ the Art Factory, our team of experts can help you plan the affordable dream wedding you deserve without having to sacrifice the luxury you are looking for. To book a tour today, contact us here or call us at (973) 281-4264