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ArtFactory Feb 19, 2018 10:38:13 PM < 1 min read

How to create Industrial Chic Wedding

Join us for The Art Factory Studios tour free engagement photo shoot and industrial chic wedding ideas

  • industrial interiors can inspire your wedding: according to The Knot, a successful event starts with the best wedding venue. The best venue choice is the one that will a-line with and enhance your personal wedding story.
  • raw industrial spaces present infinite themes and ways of creating them
  • industrial wedding venues have offer plethora of unique approaches where you can tell your wedding story with minimalism and elegance
  • an industrial wedding venue invites you to set the mood with music, ambiance, lights...it's a stage for your own direction
  • need inspiration: with the use of our Hollywood East backdrops be inspired to recreate your favorite destination, movie, book, song or art genre ...