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ArtFactory May 12, 2022 7:43:33 AM 2 min read

How to Plan a Perfect Wedding

You’ve decided to tie the knot! Congratulations, and we're so excited for you. Planning can be overwhelming but with our app it's easy as 1-2-3: first login or create an account on TheArtFactory (or whatever platform), upload all your wedding ideas from Pinterest & Instagram into one place - then let us do the work while letting yourself relax during every step of this process ́and rounds up some vendors. TheArtFactory will show you how to get creative with your wedding without breaking the bank. You can use Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration, or if reading is more up your alley try A Practical Wedding by Offbeat Bride on Etsy- it's filled with great ideas! Another good read about weddings? Creative Alternatives For Independent Brides. In the first meeting tackles some of today’s thorniest issues: Setting a budget before deciding anything else means putting forward an idea as soon as possible which could lead into regretful mistakes later down road. No worries here. TheArtFactory network of vendors will work around your budget and we are going to make the process enjoyable. Take a moment for one of the suggested self-care activities and are available back together the subsequent day to enjoy great spaces and vibes. Join TheArtFactory for an exciting night out. You'll have plenty of time to chat with vendors and other couples while you enjoy food from our monthly chef-driven restaurants, sampling specialty cocktails crafted by master mixologists or grabbing one last drink before heading home together after choosing your perfect photographer! With The Art Factory, we help you find your personal style and vision for a wedding. Whether it's an urban loft or rustic - our team is here to offer valuable insight into how best make this one day memorable!
We'll even go so far as providing starter décor ideas from some of NYC’s top designers if need be (just ask). And schedule in-person appointments with us now before time runs out on these amazing offers expires soon ;) You can use TheArtFactory template from the app — under docs and files. It'll help you assemble all of your thoughts in one place! We also use AllSeated for visualizing seating charts and venue layouts, be at liberty to ask anyone who might assist with planning your wedding - just share their email address so they could join the App and know what's happening on our end too :) Lastly: do I need a wedding planner? No!! But if budget allows or minutiae isn't something that you have patience for. 


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