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ArtFactory Jan 14, 2017 2:01:14 PM < 1 min read

A Rustic Community Kitchen in an Industrial Raw Space​.



#ART FACTORY members:

We always enjoy the collaboration of making quiche. You can stuff if with cheese, mushrooms, spinach, or just use your imagination to create the best recipe...




The Art Factory is a former textile mill turned into an arts center that doubles as a film/photo location.  Our members are creative representatives of the arts and business worlds who enjoy pushing the envelope. We have a community kitchen, common work areas, communal workshops and a green patio with connecting gardens that often bring them together. There are plenty of opportunities for everyone to network at the Art Factory as we encourage co-working and collaboration as creative lifestyle.

We envision the different design and professional disciples, as well as the different visions and cultures of our members as mixed spices creating deep flavors in recipes blended within the historic character of the Art Factory.  While the turn-of-the-century structure whets the appetite, our Art Factory members are the most active ingredient in what makes this such a delicious experience and #epic destination.