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ArtFactory Mar 26, 2020 8:38:03 PM 2 min read

Let the Art Factory Bring Creative Cache to Your Corporate Event

Invite clients and colleagues alike to experience overwhelmingly positive response to inspiring environment at TheArtFactory. Imagine hosting client events and corporate meetings in the same spaces used by film crews, photographers, and artists. Turn the corner and walk into an art installation or gallery exhibit. Wander down the hall and catch the tail-end of a photo shoot, or see an artist working alla prima from one of our inspired spaces with vaulted ceilings, exposed brick, centuries-old factory windows, and European courtyards. The authentic workspaces at the Art Factory will kindle new ideas and nourish existing ones. This is not another boardroom. The Art Factory Corporate Event presents:

  • historic destination full of architectural interest
  • place where art lives and works every day
  • full corporate amenities such as wi-fi and live-stream
  • local attractions like The Great Falls National Historic Park
  • access to decks and lounges with unique features crafted by local artists
  • full parking service
Beauty and visual interest abounds at the Art Factory. Next time you have that critical contract to sign, consider the special ambiance to be found in our historical factory re-purposed spaces. Consider the impression made upon your boss and colleagues while they sit at the unique themed food table and during the break tour TheArtFactory galleries. Consider inviting that important client, the one whom you want to remember you and your business. The elegant and minimalist decor at the Art Factory combined with an amazing historic raw factory space will impress every guest.
  • soft-seating
  • themed food tables
  • indoor and outdoor meeting areas
  • high speed internet and live streaming
  • intimate and comfortable settings at the Hamilton Club

Face-to-face conversations are the bedrock of relationship building, and at the Art Factory, it's what our
creative community is built on. Meet that special CEO here and settle into a private corner while drinking
artisan coffee and gazing out onto our deck garden or gallery exhibition. A sure conversation starter, the Art
Factory setting is certain to provide interest beyond the topic at hand, creating a memorable one-on-one

  • hold your meetings on a regular basis with The Art Factory Open Office Membership
  • network with other like-minded professionals 
  • organically grow your audience
  • invite your clients to your private studio or meet them at the Member's Club
  • host workshops and grow your network
  • access TheArtFactory live-stream capabilities to capture more leads for your business