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ArtFactory Mar 3, 2018 9:23:00 PM 1 min read

Live Stream and Marketing Your Business for memb creator

Apparently, the memb creators utilize social media to promote their business every single day! For this and other reasons we introduce another platform to augment The ArtFactory creative members online presence: LiveStream: technology that can capture audiences and potential revenue.

The use of live stream videos in the form of The ArtFactory Creator workshops, conferences, webinars, and tutorials to create interactive relationships with potential customers and to differentiate memb creator business from others. Live streaming videos differ from regular videos with TheArtFactory real-time recordings of events, and are often participatory with Q&A. Businesses may opt for live stream conferences, for example, in lieu of the expense of flying associates to a central location for meetings. They may use live streaming to engage potential clients in chat rooms, through casual conversations about their products or services. This cutting-edge marketing tool is proving invaluable to the small business that relies on the slow and steady accumulation of customers through trust and transparancy.

Aside from the live stream itself, businesses can record the broadcast and upload it onto a platform such as YouTube. This allows people who couldn’t tune into the live event to watch it at a later date. Once the recorded stream is uploaded onto YouTube, embed it onto your website and all the social media sites associated with your business.


Live stream also allows businesses the opportunity to interconnect and inter-promote their platforms. For instance, encouraging the audience to tweet questions or “like” you on Facebook is an effective method to quickly grow your social media presence with people who already care about your brand.

After the live stream has been recorded and uploaded, take advantage of the SEO benefits of YouTube. If you announced a new product or performed a tutorial on an existing product, making it accessible for others to find it is a great way to grow your brand’s web presence and story. The audience will be pleased with the richer content that a live stream can produce, especially if audience members are allowed to interact and submit questions. Unlike radio, internet streams have unlimited range and even open the possibility for an international audience to participate.