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ArtFactory Jan 4, 2022 7:20:07 AM 1 min read

Loft wedding

Loft Style Wedding:

When it comes to wedding venues, none are as city chic as an urban loft wedding! Lofts are popular venues for having weddings: they are great for those who love urban looks and decor, industrial style and of course exposed bricks. Industrial decor with modern edgy touches is a hot idea for those who don’t love vintage decor. If you think that lofts are only about industrial style and can look too rough, you are wrong: you can soften the harsh space with greenery, blooms and some glam touches and get a cool contrasting look. Let’s have a look at some ideas suitable for loft weddings, and you may get inspired.

After your vows, an upscale reception commences. With sky-high ceilings studded with wooden beams and a rich wooden floor, your guests will marvel at the beautiful loft ambience. Bistro lights twinkle above for dinner and a wall of fabric sets the stage for a romantic evening, full of mingling, dancing and champagne toasts. Enjoy this amazing loft experience for your magical day.

Let’s explore the unconventional wedding ideas:

How about celebrating on the last day of the year with the all-night madness of the New Year's Eve! An ideal time and fabulous idea for the party you and your guests will not forget!