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Venue search: DONE

The venue search can easily be one of the hardest parts of wedding planning. You don't want to be stuck with a venue that isn't you at all and you know you want one that can become a part of your whole wedding aesthetic. So when we found this chic New Jersey wedding venue, it was love at first sight and we knew that it was ideal for any and all offbeat couples in the Northeast U.S.

ART FACTORY STUDIOS is housed within hundreds of thousands of square feet of historic mill building complexes adjacent to the new Paterson Great Falls National Historic Park, New Jersey, twelve miles from Manhattan. So whether you're local to the area or want a space to house your destination wedding, this space can be TRANSFORMED into the one you want. Here's how…

  • A renovated factory space that's both a clean backdrop AND has tons of built-in character
  • Super high, dramatic ceilings
  • Vintage industrial chic lighting
  • Tons of exposed brick that can either be gritty and dark or glowing and airy with just a few quick changes
  • Can be completely dressed for a theme or scaled back super minimally (and both ways look STUNNING!) — from Medieval masquerade to moody punk dancefest to quirky, artsy colorful decor to clean, white linens and simple flowers.

There's not one theme I could imagine that couldn't find its place within the walls of ART FACTORY STUDIOS. The space is huge, but fully convertible to match your needs — from 20 to 800 guests. It's that versatile.

What else do they provide?

Now here's where things get interesting. Sure, you want a space that you can make your own, but the best part of working with ART FACTORY STUDIOS is that they have a whole arsenal of amazing vendors who know the space and can guide you in your quest for wedding planning bliss — with as much or as little guidance as you need.

Need tons of vintage props for killer photo backdrops or table styling? They've got it. Greenery and fabrics? Done. Professional event lighting (which you know makes everything look so profesh)? Absolutely. Oh, and if you need a photographer, videographer, amazingly styled food tables, video projections… yep, it's all available.

But get this: you're totally not obligated to use their staff if you don't want to. You know how some venues lock you in with only their vendors? Not here. You can use their amazing staff and vendors or the ones you already know and love.

Be blown away by the photo 

One of the most important parts of a wedding venue for me is the potential for amazing photo opportunities. ART FACTORY STUDIOS plays host to TONS of professional photo shoots due to the fact that it's full of amazing backdrops and intimate spaces to create works of art with your photographer.

There are historic vaulted ceilings and 20 foot factory windows, cobblestones and secret passageways, exposed timbers and deck gardens. You can't look anywhere without seeing some little space you want to capture.

Here are a few of my favorite recent shots of the space…

Okay, okay. I've gushed long enough. I just really want to feature one of our offbeat weddings here since I know it'll be absolutely gorgeous. Sometimes you just know when a venue is the right fit for your readers. ART FACTORY STUDIOS books up fast for obvious reasons, so go check in with them to get an estimate and reserve your date.offbeatbride

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