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ArtFactory Dec 4, 2019 6:01:38 PM 2 min read

Perfect Engagement

Engagement a serious declaration, as well as proof of true love. Despite the fact that it effects people who’re in love (or maybe that's why), engagement can sometimes feel embarrassing. Especially for men who is planning to propose. The first difficulties are encountered at the time of purchasing an engagement ring, followed by the arrangement of this special moment. How to come up with something spectacular and convinced the partner to marry. But do women really expect a proposal during a parachute jump, during a flight or other extreme experiences? We decided to debunk some myths about engagement and look for answers on what an ideal engagement should look like.

What engagement do women dream about?

The moment of engagement is a very personal - even intimate moment, so naturally most like to share it only with their beloved one. No need for fireworks or a crowd of people around. Many people admit that their current fiancé or husband decided to propose totally spontaneously, in super intimate settings, while followed by an incredible photo-shoot, they couldn't have dreamed of a better engagement. Their precious memories were documented for a life time ...

YES! Of course the best is when partner has no idea what to expect. It’s good to know, however, what propositions she would not stand - during a concert, in a cinema or other equally well-worn place. Is there a perfect location for an engagement photo-shoot? The most important thing is to listen to each other. If the partners trust each other, they know everything about themselves and are able to listen to it, then the moment of engagement and arrangement of the moment will come naturally. Every woman dreams of something else! There are also ladies who don't think about engagement at all, what's more, they don't want them! Is it worth forcing them to marry? Definitely not! I'm sorry, gentlemen, but it seems that the perfect marriage proposal simply doesn't exist. However, remember to listen to your partners and based on their preferences (and yours, because you also need to feel comfortable then) find the best way and place to ask the question: Will you marry me?  

Settling on your theme, and the location will help you narrow your search. The Art Factory lets you explore options, wedding style, budget, number of guests, and services offered. Popular options include:

  • Rustic weddings

  • Romantic Indoor-Outdoor 

  • Trendy Exposed Brick Walls with Modern Elements 

  • European Courtyard / Vaults

  • Urban Lofts

  • Historic Backdrop

  • Vintage 

Once you’ve settled on your top three, it’s time to find out if your dates are available. If they are, the next step is an in-person site visit.