Perfect Winter Wonderland Wedding

Taisha and Kenny's wedding had the perfect winter wonderland flare and the timing for their #BigDay was perfect and masterfully highlighted with the #winter #mega #weddingtheme. The couple had the perfect aura on the outside (#NationalPark) and they chose the extraordinary historic venue for its uplifting atmosphere. This combination was brilliant since the festive mood is always an ideal way to introduce the unforgettable while inviting warm and magical atmosphere to the wedding!

Let's start with the ceremony room where beautiful and festive ceremonial arch emerged with white and red accents as the ultimate centerpiece to enhance this uplifting moment. Transitioning from the ceremony to the cocktail and into the reception flawlessly captured the perfect mood of holidays. There were several elements that brought in the warmth of home and created a cozy atmosphere: Christmas trees, greenery, the waterfall of twinkly lights as a backdrop, lanterns, comfy chairs with soft pillows, and fake snow all around. The Christmas trees and winter greenery are always first to be associated with the holidays theme and those beautifully bring everything together. It's always worth introducing them to the wedding venue as a decorative element - they're prosperous and representative.

Winter greenery suggests not only Christmas but also happiness and according to some old tales makes dreams come true. So at the winter wedding the bride and groom kissing under mistletoe cannot be wrong. The more mistletoe the better :)

An important element at every wedding party is lighting. From the giant hoops with industrial light-bulbs in the ceremony room to another one behind the bride and groom's sweetheart table wrapped the space with this glorious aura. To enhance the interior even more and the magical atmosphere associated with holidays a unique wall with a waterfall of Christmas hanging lights was created - as well as some gold accents like candelabras or charges for more glam and reflection. TheArtFactory offers endless options for lights, from the hanging centerpieces over every single table to rustic down-lit backdrops and beams to just simple light wrap around each column.

Each table - embraced the colors of the wedding theme: incorporated deep reds, white, and hints of sparkling golds combined with greenery, glitter runners, red tablecloths and warm candle light. All those elements brought the magical atmosphere of Christmas Eve supper to each table and the wedding floor. 

Another great way to elevate the holiday mood were the appropriately decorated chairs at the sweetheart table for the Bride and Groom. Theme masterfully continued throughout and not a single aspect of this perfect wedding setup was missing. The couple was surrounded by tons of warm lights, love and positive vibes.

Finally the desert table presented plenty of ideas. Located in the separate room next to the reception area it was definitely one of the biggest attractions of the party with even most creativity and fun the decorations!

Event planner: Larisa Scannella - Events By Larisa Marie, TheArtFactory team, Floral: Eltingvilleflorist masterfully developed the glamorous winter wedding with a little edge provided by the overall industrial feel of the space.









Photos credit: Larisa Scannella


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