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ArtFactory May 12, 2022 7:43:33 AM 4 min read

Planning a Wedding

So you’ve decided to marry each other. Congratulations! Planning a wedding can seem like a daunting task. Don’t worry. TheArtFactory team is here to help. There are so many things to think about and so many people to keep in mind. With our wedding planning app and patience, we can get through this together.

First, login to our wedding planning app and upload all wedding-related inspirational ideas. TheArtFactory will also share with you many links with real weddings and ideas. We suggest using Pinterest and Instagram to get the wheels turning, rather than focusing on “this table setting, this chuppah.” And if you want to do some reading, check out “A Practical Wedding,” Offbeat Bride, and Catalyst Wedding Co., which are less focused on white, heteronormative couples. Another read by Offbeat Bride: Creative Alternatives for Independent Brides

Set Up Your first meeting, tackle the thorniest issues: budget, guest list. Doing anything before setting a budget and guest list is putting the cart so far ahead of the horse that the horse is chasing it. If this meeting leads to a standoff over the cake flavor, color scheme or how many long-lost friends to invite, take a break for one of the suggested self-care activities and come back together the next day. Next step is to start setting up your meetings with vendors. TheArtFactory hosts many food tasting events at least one per month when you have the opportunity to connect with vendors and other couples.

Sit down with your partner and determine what the three most important aspects of your wedding will be. Locking in a certain wedding photographer or live band? Prioritize and be willing to compromise.

Determine Your Bridal Style

Review your ideas from TheArtFactory App and schedule an initial in-person appointment with TheArtFactory team to finalize decor, floor plans and timeline. Having a good sense of the type of wedding style you want helps immensely once you start meeting with us. Don’t overwhelm yourself with all the wedding inspiration that’s out there. Deciding on one theme from theartfactory boards—or even a visual collage —will help to figure out what sort of look and feel you really want and keep you aligned with your larger vision.


Use TheArtFactory template from the app — under docs and files — it will help to gather all your thoughts in one place. We also use AllSeated for visualizing seating charts and venue layouts. Feel free to ask to add anyone to help you planning your wedding - just share their email and name so they can join our planning process.

The Rest of the Checklist - should you pick a wedding planner. Do you need one? No. But if your budget allows for one and/or you can’t be bothered with minutia, we may have some recommendations. TheArtFactory team will also assist on the day-of and help to organize your ideas and vision, find and organize your vendors including officiant. 

Take a timeout: Take a tour of historic factory, enjoy the outdoors. Or just share a bottle of your favorite wine.