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Experience Shopping - New Platform - Coming Soon

By ArtFactory


TheArtFactory Mercado - a combination of historic eclectic chic enchanted surreal pop-ups.

Be inspired to present or showcase your product and meet with an existing or prospective client at your ArtFactory satellite office. Join the year long online showcase!  We will promote your services and products to potential clients using multiple proven marketing strategies with an online presence listing  brand name and business category. Get your spot now!


TheArtFactory networking hub unveils great opportunity to all online marketers to promote their talent, develop new and existing ideas and most importantly to network and meet new clients.

Virtual, vibrant Bridal showcases-shows with physical extension at the beautiful inspiring factory settings.  Anyone can access and explore on their own without unnecessary crowds of traditional show.


Here are some of the new pop-up approach benefits:

  • great combination of old and new (online shopping + private showroom / satellite work area)
  • allowing businesses to stay active connected and able to meet their existing and prospective clients
  • expending online footprint and network 
  • healthy and safe working satellite environment



by ArtFactory

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