Pop-up Shop Staging

The Art Factory is a melting pot of different talents and the perfect place to put it all on display. Behind our studio doors we have aspiring artists, musicians, even an emerging beauty brand conceived right under our roof. Stained By Nature Beauty is a line of beauty products inspired by the simplicity of nature itself. Their products among others can soon be found on display in our new Mercado units. The brand creators and our creative team joined forces to help build a display that captures their vision all while having product shown beautifully, here’s a look into how they did it: 
Before even entering the pop-up space, it’s key to create a space out front that is simplified and speaks quickly to what the brand is selling. The intention is for the customer to browse quickly but still find themselves curious to enter. Elements of both rustic and delicate repeat throughout and create continuity, important for establishing a brand and their type of customer. When building the display within, it’s key to take photos from the customer perspective and find what elements work and what don’t.
In styling a display such as this, the goal is to have the customer interact and appreciate the small details. Things such as the mixing bowl with fruit is an obvious nod to how they make their products, the continuation of the glassware inside is a way to show that this is a fun and light brand.
Always take a moment when experimenting with displays to take promotional photos as well. This is a brand that specifically works with the pigments of nature, so the team used their philosophy as inspiration for some photos. Fruit is always a pleasing element to add to a table to bring out a pop of color and create an instant still life. When seeing the staged areas, consider again if this is an easy read for the customer and if the product is promoted further than simply being placed on a table. It’s as quick as a hashtag written on the mirror, but a small touch adds authenticity and will drive the message home. Pop-ups like these will be appearing in the units of Mercado, keep updated to see what the creatives are up to next and stop by to get the full experience! 

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