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ArtFactory Mar 19, 2019 3:52:27 PM 1 min read

pop up shops

Within the past ten years, e-commerce has taken a large part of the shopping experience to just a computer screen, leaving the traditional brick and mortar store scrambling for a new way to remain with their doors open. As with a changing environment, for an organism to survive they must adapt, and that adaptation for store fronts has become the pop up shop. Many stores can no longer uphold the promise of a two to four year lease in a retail space since trends move too quickly in today's market. This is being combated with a store front style that fits into the length of a trend or creates high demand due to scarcity. The pop-up shop works in a way that a store front can remain open for a shorter amount of time ranging from just a single weekend to a month, to even just for the summer. For example, it is a better option  for a custom Halloween costume company to promote and advertise their products from November to August solely online, but when fall comes around, it would be most effective to have a pop up shop store front for September to October at peak costume shopping season. Check out TheArtFactory and find out more!


This model is called Omni-channel marketing which blends the online shopping with in store experience. Here at the art factory we are doing just that. Our Pop up shop store fronts are centrally located on the ground floor of our building within our cafe that's open 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. Our model is to create a one stop shopping experience that blends the online "screen shopping" with an intimate and personalized experience in an environment with  ambiance. What separates our shopping experience from other pop ups is that we have multiple store fronts surrounding each other where as most pop up shops tend to stand alone in a traditional retail space. This allows us to make the maximum shopping experience all within our beautiful industrial factory Who knows what retailers will set up in our space next!