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ArtFactory Dec 7, 2019 9:59:16 AM 3 min read

Marriage Proposal and romantic customs throughout History 101

The first step in the wedding planing is a proposal.

We await the moment when our beloved kneels before us and asks the magic question.
It would be best, of course, if everything took place according to the script that we had previously put in our heads, however, we don't know how to turn this into reality. We consider all pros and cons, we think about costs, benefits and scenarios. When we decide, full of joy and hope, we want to make sure that our engagement then doesn't just become nothing more than a formality. We gather in a group of loved ones and announce our decision. We can also choose a more modern one, which simply changes the Facebook status. And how does the tradition comes to all this? How much our customs differ culturally?
According to old European customs, the future groom should give flowers to his girlfriend and other ladies on the guest list. The male part can be given after a bottle of good quality alcohol. The most stressful moment for a man is the very fact of asking for hand before partner's relatives he doesn't really know very well. A very similar custom prevails in Morocco. The future spouse hands the chosen heart a ring. Of course, other people from the immediate surroundings of the young couple are present during the engagement. 

Fortunately, now men choose romantic place for the proposal, where they are alone with their partner, while traditional style is more public and formal. 

In the country of cherry blossoms, the starting point is Shinto,
which is one of the dominant religions in Japan. The official first meeting of the young takes place in the presence of matchmakers. It is after this meeting that is decided if the match is successful. The next is less formal, but with a proposal of marriage and an official engagement. An engagement gift is not always a diamond ring - in Japan, on this occasion, the Groom gives his beloved a pouch with cash or linen white threads that symbolize a common goal. The Bride and Groom also receive gifts from other guests present at the party. Most often it is tea, sake, clothes, everyday items. An engagement ring for the average Japanese is also a big expense. There is a saying that the price of an engagement ring should be equivalent of three fiances' salary.

According to tradition a man asks for a woman's hand. However, more and more ladies ask the famous question - will you marry me? Female marriage proposals are the most widespread in the Scandinavian countries. And not because of custom, but rather because of equality. In Finland, not only a woman wears a ring, but also her fiance. Jewelry is more like wedding rings. The couple must wear them at all times.

In the Algerian tradition, the entire engagement process is time consuming. If the future fiancé is accepted, the real spectacle begins, in which the whole village is often involved. Delegations are sent so-called "Ladakh" (up to several hundred people). The head of the delegation asks for the hand of the girl chairman of her team, sometimes the speech can last even more than an hour. As a sign of acceptance of the marriage proposal, the head of the bride's delegation takes a sip of the coffee she previously served, and the house sounds "zalghuta".

At the end it is always a good idea:

- to make a toast! 

- find romantic place with ideal photo backdrop 

- plan ahead (our venue and photographers offer great engagement / wedding packages)

TheArtFactory team will guide you through each step and help to choose perfect settings for your proposal, starting with your event mood that perfectly resonates with your style.
Our preferred vendors will create your whimsical menu, set-up your perfect photo-shoot and capture your memories. If you want your partner to say the desired yes and put an engagement ring on her/his finger, then you should be confident. TheArtFactory's team will take care of the rest. It is obvious that during such an important moment you can get stressed, but you have to trust the experts.
It is worth considering what you want to say in advance to your loved one. Each marriage proposal is unique and intimate. Schedule a meeting with our team, and your special proposal at TheArtFactory is only one step away.