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ArtFactory Nov 5, 2019 9:32:18 AM 1 min read

3 ideas for rustic, boho and rustic-chic wedding

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Here are some timeless ideas and most beautiful inspirations for rustic, boho, and rustic-chic decor:

Timeless rustic chic trends:

Wood - We chose birch discs for rustic vignettes for the June wedding and the art factory bride is still happy with this choice. They fit both a classic rustic wedding and a forest-style wedding that stands out from the 2019 wedding trends. Luckily our wood shop creatives were able to cut them as they always get involve in making TheArtFactory weddings the best they can be.

Flowers - flowers and flowers again. In the 2020 wedding season, you'll see them everywhere. While extensive floral decorations due to the costs may be out of reach of many, delicate touches in the form of live or artificial flowers are definitely worth considering. Just stick them to a paper vignette or put in mini jar, so that they will also act as gifts for guests. A note of romance, color and a breath of elegance for a rustic wedding style.

Stones -This is something for couples very connected with the earth and nature. Gold or white letters will look extraordinary on a stone. For winter rustic weddings, it's enough to spray them in white or silver. And if you want to achieve the glamour effect for a rustic-chic wedding, use golden paint or spray. Note that the importance of the font choice for your vignettes.