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Rustic Wedding Bouquet 

Rustic Wedding Bouquet at TheArtFactory
Even if you're not so keen on using in-season flowers for your special day, you can easily incorporate other seasonal elements, associated with your theme. Wedding palette vary as the season's weather. Pastels are incredibly popular in the spring, but so are more saturated shades, as everyone's excited to say goodbye to the dreariness of winter. Purples, yellows, pinks, and greens are all good options, but don't be afraid to work with reds, oranges, and even blues, too.
Beautiful Wedding Favors

The little details of a wedding are often what make the celebration stand out for guests. If you're trying to impress the people you're inviting, one fun way to do so is to pick out the perfect wedding favors. Since guests are grabbing these on their way out the door, favors are their last impression of your wedding and all the hard work you did, so it's not a bad idea to put some thought into them.

Pick theme inspired wedding favors that fit right in with the season and go with the overall theme of your big day. For wedding favors guests will love, focus on finding something that is functional or edible but also fun. Achieve classic experience with custom and elegant details.