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By ArtFactory

TheArtFactory planning process is spread out in time to give you a chance to fully develop your vision ... organizing a wedding in a hurry could take away from what you really want. Find out 10 reasons why you should do it at least a year earlier:

- our team will focus on pushing YOUR event vision forward

- the more time to fine-tune the details, the lower the risk that something goes wrong

- booking availability may be a miracle if you wait too long the more so when "this perfect date" falls between April and October and you are planning on having a big wedding. Be flexible and consider a weekday weeding.

- take time to scroll through our social posts... Get familiar with TheArtFactory, our incredible online inventory collections, guides, presentations and simply make friends.

- it might be a good idea to organize small rehearsal party or help your friend or cousin to organize one

- discover or meet our talented community of vendors who are already familiar with the space and happy to share some ideas

- make it fun!

- build memories together 

- network with other couples

 - own your vision and it will LIT!


by ArtFactory

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