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ArtFactory Mar 26, 2019 8:51:39 PM 1 min read


TheArtFactory consumer does not come to the shop, the shop comes to him/her. Now, our vendors have access to searchable directory online platform, where you can find out more and contact each talent for for a virtual meeting or in-person tour. What used to be the promotional stand, which was the highlight of the shopping season, now works much better as a pop-up store. Most pop-up stores are experience shops that can spring up in exotic spaces in city centers, trendy neighborhoods and pedestrian areas. Those initiatives bring more than new life to the area! At TheArtFactory Brands and Retailers of all sizes have the opportunity to benefit from the pop-up shop model. With the support of TheArtFactory creative team our retailers can focus on the customer experience that leaves a lasting impression.

It's just more fun to not only get to know new products and shop concepts in the pop-up store, but to try them out and learn more about the product as well. If there is also a good story to knit that you have you can be almost sure to capture customers' attention ...

TheArtFactory Experience:

  • increases your brand awareness
  • acquire new target groups
  • test the marketability of your new product
  • generate sales
  • social media measurably increasing followers