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ArtFactory Mar 9, 2019 9:01:04 PM 1 min read

The art factory pop-up stores

The pop-up store is primarily used to promote your brand, increase awareness

among customers, launch a new product on the market or simply enjoy the Art Factory location

itself. It's always a great idea to create a new project at the Art Factory and wrap it up with a live

workshop and great food. Pop-up events offer just that - the chance for consumers to get up

close and personal with their favorite companies in a truly immersive setting.

Why not give a try? We guarantee you will attain new audiences -

customers and enjoy growing your business while making friends.

What are the benefits of this type of sale? Selling through the pop-up store brings many benefits.

The first and the most important is the possibility of direct contact

and getting to know your potential clients. The second advantage is building

brand awareness. Media love the emotions that are generated by pop-up stores,

which can - with support of TheArtFactory creative Team - provide free advertising

and publicity for your brand. Thirdly, pop-up stores are 80% cheaper than traditional stationary

stores. It is therefore an interesting alternative to expensive and large surfaces

that offer shopping centers. Fourthly, it is much easier to "enter" the new market

and introduce a new product without being tied to one location. Another benefit is

the ability to make a direct purchase without having to register or create an online store.