A transformed textile factory that exudes a minimalist and luxury feel, 22 foot ceilings, exposed beams, tall windows. The Art Factory prides itself by going the extra mile to being energy efficient making sure everything they use for your event decor is eco-friendly. Big and smaller weddings are held inside The Art Factory. You’ll find lots of incredible opportunities for wedding photos and love the variety of catering packages offered & Chef who works with you to Curate your own creative menu specifically for Your Experience! Each event gallery comes with full room led up- lighting, Lifestream, sound system, and celebrity boudoirs. Our creative team works with each couple every step of the way to turn your experience into very royal one. 

Often infusing contemporary elements into the vintage and rustic settings, industrial chic blends modern with the old. At the Art Factory, we've refinished the hardwood floors, exposed the bricks, painted the cast iron columns and sandblasted the heavy wooden timbers. We've added modern elements and dramatic lighting to showcase the high ceilings and large open spaces that are a signature feature of 19th century textile mill factories. With these large spacious interiors come large windows that frame picturesque views of the Great Falls National Park.


We also offer separate outdoor deck area to be used for throughout the day. Choose any one of several large reception galleries. The large open space in one gallery alone can accommodate up to 750 guests but can also be transformed into a more intimate setting if needed. With skylights and vaulted ceilings—this loft venue oozes an industrial chic aesthetic.

The Art Factory provides the perfect venue for the most exciting wedding and memories that will last a lifetime.


Unlike most of the weddings you’ve been to, the Art Factory is truly unique. It has more than just an industrial vibe! It has a certain unforgettable JE NE SAIS QUOI....  JUST LIKE YOU ALWAYS WANTED FOR YOUR WEDDING!

The Art Factory team of professionals will work with you to go rustic vintage, rustic modern, or any other genre... From creating your vision board to designing the full "special day" look, which will include the colors scheme, table arrangements, Livestream and much more... The Art Factory team will turn your dreams into reality. A large open layout allows plenty of customization for your special wedding. There's no doubt that the Art Factory creates an epic backdrop for your wedding. Create the vision board on your own or Industrial Chic Weddings or meet with our creative team for more ideas.


This urban space, located just 12 miles from Manhattan, provides a classy setting for vows and celebrations. With large spaces, loft ceilings of 22 feet and row after row of tall windows, tons of bright beautiful light is able to flow into the rooms, creating unforgettable movie-set like scenery and a perfect backdrop for your special occasion and lifetime experience. Magnificent views of the National Park round out this historic setting and are coupled with a tasteful, minimalist decor inside and out of the Art Factory.


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