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unforgettable photo backdrops

TheArtFactory experience includes Iconic - unforgettable photo backdrops opportunities for you and your guests. There is no place like the Art Factory! The Art Factory was voted the greatest, one-of-a-kind, all-in-one best production value location in overall by major producers and filmmakers. We utilize our experience building movie sets and hosting major film productions to Create your personalized Industrial Chic wedding Experience. Our photographers share with you unforgettable photo spots to elevate your experience to another level. Explore European Courtyards, Lofts and vignettes. Look for decorative elements with nice visual rhythm. Exposed brick loft walls with metallic elements and  cozy vignettes are unique and different for your ultimate photo backdrop. Our wedding vignettes combine harmonious but dissimilar elements to make items feel cohesive yet unique. This is perfect opportunity for your wedding photographer to select perfect color and texture for your unforgettable photo backdrop.  We recommend you use TheArtFactory vignettes as an opportunity to showcase favorite finds or a unique memento. Consider bringing your favorite props, books as elements to include in vignettes. Explore various Wedding Themes TheArtFactory has to offer for your special wedding day. Endless ideas, decor options and wedding coordination are included with your wedding packages at TheArtFactory:

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