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ArtFactory Jan 26, 2020 5:02:51 PM 1 min read

Start planning your wedding...

TheArtFactory is one of the most unique wedding venues and the planning process. We guide you through every step of the process to save you time and save tons of money. We work with awesome vendors, templates and checklists to keep things stress free. We spread out in time to give you a chance to fully develop your vision ... organizing a wedding in a hurry could take away from what you really want. Here are 10 reasons why you should start planning process earlier with TheArtFactory:

- our team will focus on pushing YOUR event vision forward

- you will love our app, where planning is so much fun - this is great opportunity to build memories together for you as a couple in the community based friendly environment

-get handpicked vendor based on your vibe - meet our talented community of vendors. They’re already familiar with the space and happy to share more ideas 

-chat with an actual human experts who have done tons of wedding in the past

- free change the dates

- plenty of time to fine-tune the details because we do all the heavy lifting for you and lowering the risk that something goes wrong

- booking availability may be a miracle if you wait too long the more so when "this perfect date" falls between May or October and you are planning on having a Saturday wedding. Be flexible and consider a weekday weeding.

- take time to scroll through our social posts... Get familiar with TheArtFactory themes: https://www.myfactorystores.com/themed_wedding

- explore our incredible online inventory collections, guides, presentations, food tasting events, art exhibits, workshops with our experts. Enjoy the process and simply make friends - network with other couples. Own your vision and it will LIT!