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Highlighting venue for your wedding

Wedding uplighting has the power to completely transform your wedding reception. TheArtFactory includes various lights options which are strategically highlighting Brooklyn style Lofts for your wedding. With soaring ceilings, large windows, exposed wood beams the uplighting magically transforms your wedding decor and space into spectacular showcase. The lights part of TheArtFactory wedding package and we situate them discreetly on the ground and they project light upwards, creating a pillar effect of lights. This type of wedding lighting can be done in any color, tying event design and different spaces like the cake table, head table, and dance floor, together in a nice and sustainable way.
The uplighting highlights the wedding venue space and creates drama and an ambient lighting feel. Lights enhance the architecture, decor, or overall vibe of the wedding and it can’t be overlooked. With the ability for color mixing, you can opt for anything from purple uplighting to anything that reflects your wedding inspiration to enhance the ambiance. Lighting effects bring dimension to a room, making it warm and inviting. Uplighting highlight the venue in ways traditional lighting cannot and you can select different colors for any combination that you want. Whether you're drawn to real weddings with a moody deep purple or sultry deep amber, the wedding color options are endless.