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ArtFactory Dec 1, 2017 9:57:16 PM 1 min read

Urban Wedding

Have you always imagined your own wedding party in the historic city, and the outdoor session with a background composed of narrow, cobbled streets and modern, urban lofts? Why not use these dreams in everyday life? The Art Factory is one of the best places to make these dreams come true! Let's start with mentioning the advantages of a wedding party in the historic city: access is not a problem, regardless of whether you decide to use our trolleys, or a private carrier - transporting your guests will at ease. In addition, the city wedding is a great opportunity to present to your wedding guests the advantages of historic location, a Silk City. Music, especially the Old Jazz- it is worth considering, where each of your guests will find something inspiring and fun. The Art Factory itself is located in the heart of historic district - a place where history is interwoven with modernity and a hint of decadence. It is TheArtFactory that is the main point of the escapades for productions eager for communing with history and culture at the same time. Cobbled courtyards with post industrial brick walls buildings are also wonderful backdrops for both outdoor sessions and wedding reportage. Beautiful murals decorating the walls of The Art Factory add a bit of modernity and elements of urban culture.