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ArtFactory Dec 6, 2017 8:29:22 PM 1 min read

Benefits of using flex office space

TheArtFactory location has become popular for a number of reasons:  First, it provides an atmosphere of creativity and collaboration.  Second, it is economical.  Third, spaces are there when you need them, and not your concern when you don't.  The Art Factory membership brings these elements together within urban industrial spaces that are unlike any in the metropolitan area.
Creativity and Collaboration:  When creative professionals get together in unique and beautiful spaces, they learn from each other, help each other, and feed off productive energy.  Art Factory spaces make networking natural.  Meeting people in your design profession or related fields becomes second nature when you are passing them on your way to the coffee bar, or setting up a shoot in one of our open, industrial environments.  
Economical Choice:  Instead of renting an expensive, yet undersized private office or studio, Art Factory professionals pay a much lower fee for use of a much larger space; equipped with better amenities than can usually be afforded privately.  Art Factory space is flexible:  as your business grows, so does the space.  And because you have 24/7 access, you can utilize space as often as your business or art requires.
Art Factory membership gives you economical access to beautiful, urban-industrial spaces of varying dramatic presence…and the unique opportunity to meet other creatives in an organic way.  
Coworking at The Art Factory includes:
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • In-house livestreaming and webinar capability
  • Use of audio-visual equipment
  • Regular invitations to events and workshops
  • Access to the conference room and open-air terrace
  • Access to the kitchen, coffee shop and dining room
  • Use of office equipment
  • Free parking and bicycle/motorcycle storage