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ArtFactory Jun 3, 2018 8:54:23 AM < 1 min read

You will not find a more versatile  place for your dream wedding than the Art Factory

The Art Factory wedding venue NJ offers stunning settings for your wedding ceremony and reception. This historic stylish space was designed by artists and is often used for photo shoots, or filming by major production houses and celebrities. Featuring 400,000 square-foot space with 24-foot ceilings and large windows, the Art Factory lofts are perfect place to gather friends and family to celebrate your special day. Versatile International Gallery has a simplistic yet elegant design that acts as a blank canvas that you can transform to suit your wants and needs, while its various design textures—including white brick, an exposed brick wall, stained or raw oak wood floors, several 100-year-old metal doors, and cable stone European courtyards—will provide a spectacular backdrop for both your celebration and your wedding photographs. Celebrate your wedding day at the stunning Art Factory!

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