How to choose a wedding theme? 
A wedding in a minimalist setting - can it succeed?
Minimalism is a trend and a kind of life philosophy that is gaining on popularity.

More and more people appreciate the space and clutter free life. Can you organize your wedding in this spirit? 

Less is more - you can see it at every step in different areas of life. Instead of dozens of items of average quality, it's better to choose a few that delight with their beautiful workmanship. This idea can also be transferred to the organization of the wedding.
Many couples like to come up with a topic that will add magic and fun to the wedding. Here are a variety of themes with matching color and decorative ideas:

  • Rustic - large wood tables, hoops with greenery, Edison light-bulbs, vintage props
  • Romantic - large floral arrangements, satin, soft lighting, white and pastel shades
  • Winter holidays - a winter wedding with pine trees
  • Inspired by nature - it coincides with the rustic, but goes further with botanical elements. Many couples with Nature-inspired themes also ensure that every aspect of their wedding is ecological
  • There really is an infinite variety of themes

    It is worth sticking to a specific trend (for example, a leading color or a specific species flower). 
    Focus on quality, not quantity. This applies primarily to decorations. Instead of hundreds of pompoms, bows, ribbons, balloons, flowers and other props, you should opt for precision-made accessories that will be beautiful in themselves. Sometimes you don't really need a lot to get the effect you're looking for.

    Minimalist floral decorations - reusable. If such a concept fits the setting of the celebration, you can reach for pot flowers (succulents), which you can then give away to wedding guests, plant in the garden (for example, lavender) or take them to your own home.
    A party in the spirit of minimalism can be done not only by reducing the number of decorations or dishes, but also by fully consciously reaching for reusable solutions. Unfortunately, many typical wedding items are no longer applicable in life. Example? Wedding dress, bridal jewelry, shoes... However, this does not have to be the case.
    Minimalism goes hand in hand with ecology and a good approach to the environment. By choosing economical decorations approach we do not contribute to the growing mountain of garbage in the landfill, and that's quite a pleasant awareness. It is worth remembering that minimalism does not mean boredom, but high quality, classic and elegance, and it goes great with the atmosphere of TheArtFactory wedding and reception. Book your consultation with our experts!


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