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ArtFactory May 12, 2022 11:21:04 AM 2 min read

How to Prepare for a Wedding Rehearsal

The Wedding Ceremony Rehearsal Guide

Planning your wedding ceremony? There is nothing more important than running through your ceremony in advance. The rehearsal is the time when you and your partner can get the feel of the ceremony and make any changes, learn the order of the day and have a sense of what your wedding day will be like.


Practice the processional

Reorder the couples (if necessary) to this order: 

  • Officiant
  • Important guests
  • Groom
  • Bridesmaid, Groomsman
  • Maid of Honor, Best Man 
  • Ringbearers
  • Flower Girls
  • Bride, Father of the Bride

The officiant will walk down the aisle first or he or she may enter from stage right. Next, the important guests (Mother of the Bride, Grandparents, etc.) should walk or be escorted down the aisle and shown to their seats. When the groom enters, there are a few standard choices. It is customary for him to either walk down with his parents, with the officiant or wait at the stage. Situate the bridesmaids and groomsmen (paired up) in the order that corresponds with how close they will be standing to the bride and groom. The pair that is standing furthest from the bride and groom walks down the aisle first with the couple that will stand to their right following suit.

The Maid of Honor and Best Man are the last of the wedding party to walk down the aisle with the ringbearers and flower girls following behind. When the bride and Father of the Bride (or whomever is walking her down the aisle) reach the top of the aisle, father will shake hands/hug groom.

How long would wedding rehearsal last?

Allow 45 min to an hour for the wedding rehearsal. Following the rehearsal, you can invite all participants to your rehearsal dinner if that is part of your plans.