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ArtFactory May 3, 2022 9:23:03 PM 1 min read

Wedding Theme Ideas

How to Figure Which Wedding Theme Is Best For You

TheArtFactory team will support your efforts in selecting your ideal wedding theme. We recommend starting with a color palette for an overall vibe and theme and using some helpful templates and check lists on our planning app. The initial zoom meeting will help you to navigate through the process. Afterwards in-person meeting with our design team is recommended. Our team will assist you in making selections and to figure out exactly what you’re looking for - there’s a big difference between rustic-chic and ultramodern. Remember to keep all your vendors clued in on this as well, so that they can help you find the perfect wedding decorations, dresses and florals for your big day.

Think about the season

At this point, you’ve probably set your wedding date in stone, so you should have a few clues about the weather. Snowier seasons typically call for a jewel-toned colour scheme, dresses with a few extra layers (or the addition of a cute stole or shawl) and wintery blooms. If you’re headed for a summer wedding you can take advantage of pastel palettes, strapless gowns and a wider array of flowers. Of course, you can always fight the status quo and do your own thing, but thinking about the season may point you toward an interesting wedding theme that you never considered.

"brain dump"

Search through your Pinterest and IG and drag and drop some favorite images onto our App for our team review. This will help us to understand your vision better and prepare the best table scape for you. Put together a collage with your favorite items. Include pictures of two of you as a couple; favorite places, foods and places to travel. Have fun putting your ideas together onto a large vision board, as you upload "brain dump" those onto our App ...