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ArtFactory Nov 11, 2019 2:27:50 PM 1 min read

Wedding Venue New Jersey

The couple had wonderful flawless smile. After all they've booked the venue of their dreams. Every time they walked through with their heads raised and positive energy. Nothing will stand in their way to happiness now because they are together forever. She is charming with eyesight full of tenderness and love. For this beautiful day, she chose a long and delicate rustic dress. It was an excellent selection, because the unusual design placed on the dress perfectly highlighted their wedding theme. Not only the dress, but also the precise make-up helped to highlight the bride's beautiful eyes and smile.

He is a charming young man with a great beard which gives him a little seriousness. However, he is also very happy with a gentle smile. For the wedding day, he chose a simple and very elegant suit, to which a delicate bouquet was attached. White flowers against his suit looked amazing.

The wedding was realized in the Hemp Gallery for the Ceremony and  the International Stage for reception. TheArtFactory team took care of the wonderful decoration of the place. Thanks to this unique team the place turned into a real exotic paradise. This day was perfect!