TheArtFactory wedding planning checklist

Organizing a wedding could be overwhelming. TheArtFactory shares some shortcuts for you, not worry so much about everything, but to have more fun and enjoy the process together. To get things going check out this simple wedding planning checklist:


What is your vision of the wedding day?

We recommend to sit down or schedule a zoom with TheArtFactory creative team to determine your wedding style. How do you want the ceremony to look like, how many guests do you want to have, floor layout? What do you mainly care about? The atmosphere? The experience? Have fun at ease, dancing? This is the moment to present your ideas and discuss them with our team and If your visions are exclusive, there is no need to compromise. This is your wedding.


Choose the date and wedding time  

Cool! You already know how your wedding should look, so now focus on choosing the date and time of your wedding. Is your wedding to take place on holidays, New Year's Eve or someone's birthday? If something is already meant in a date, maybe it is worth remembering in some way?


Specify the list of wedding guests

You can not order invitations without a guest list and we will not be able to help you select, however we can start with a preliminary floor plan because it's easy for us to determine how many people you can fit onto each stage. The list of wedding guests is quite a difficult topic. Very often, anyone who hears that you are getting married will feel automatically invited. Even before you plan everything more specifically, it's up to you to choose whom you want to invite from your family and friends. The key word - you want. Surround yourself with people who are important to you.


Film and Photography

Photographer and / or camera person, is a complement to the Holy Wedding Trinity. Mainly in the pictures and in your mind you will remember your wedding. The Art Factory offers help in choosing someone who can capture the emotions in the pictures. Remember, this day is full of emotions! You also have to deal with your photographer in a human way, that is, you can not stress over their presence. At the same time, the photographer and the cameraman must be invisible. If you do not see them - relax - do not stress - you are experiencing one of the most beautiful days in your life. And this is to be seen on the film and in the pictures. Your photographer have seen many weddings and can give you some advice on what to focus on.


Get inspired and choose a theme or a guiding color

The Art Factory Experience Weddings put embraces on the character of the Bride and Groom.  Our creative team guides couples through multiple steps of organization in terms of aesthetics and choosing a common denominator for all decorations. Recently, there are more and more popular themes from specific films or books. The Art Factory most popular one is from the Harry Potter!



We recommend to upload your images into The Art Factory planning app for the creative team review - how do you imagine the decor of the ceremony and reception. This way, you can fully benefit from your initial consultation.



Plan attractions at the wedding photo booths, animators, actors... Those wedding attractions are becoming more and more popular. If you have already thought about it and made the decision, 3-4 months before the wedding is the right moment to make a phone call to the right person.



Make a schedule of the wedding day. 

rehearsal dinner (night before?)


first look





first dance



Why do you need it? You will know exactly how much time you have for a given activity, you will know what is going on and thanks to that you will be less stressed that you may forgot something. It is worth giving this schedule to the photographer, cameraman,  DJ...

Wedding Day Emergency Kit, Large Bride Tote Bag and more...

Prepare what you will need on your wedding day. Make a list of what you will probably need in the room. It is worth to have such a packed bag in your bridal suit. What will be useful? Handkerchiefs, wet wipes, change shoes, spare stockings or tights,  hair spray, antiperspirant, perfumes, telephone, (powder or lipstick). You're probably not thinking about changing clothes, but a sweatshirt and leggings in which you'll be coming home might be more comfortable.


Rest and relax

Rest it! It was up to that day you were preparing for months, maybe even years. We know exactly how you feel, how stressed you are. You will be married to your beloved one, this is your new beginning... Focus on the experience the first look, the ceremony. Smile. Absolutely, do not think about things that you can not change and you can not influence. We've got your back.

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