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ArtFactory Dec 10, 2017 2:19:51 PM 1 min read

work space covid emergency funds

TheArtFactory offers variety of spaces with most inspiring \stimulating \ nurturing environment and access to all the necessary tools you may need for your brand to grow The Art Factory 

From mail handling to networking you can establish your business, its location and address within minutes. In addition, you can hold workshops open to a larger audience and collaborate with other members as your in-house audience, meet /generate projects with new collaborators, find new clients via referrals. Purposeful design — including a thoughtful consideration of the arrangement of desks, the easy availability of work-enabling tech, inviting lighting, proper flow of foot traffic. “The best spaces bring together not only people, but ideas.” Our community is ready to help coordinate and direct the assistance being pushed out through various local emergency relief funds.

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