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The colors you choose for your big day are a reflection of your personality and style. Colors can reflect moods and add sensuality, coziness and charm. Some colors talk a lot about you and what is dear to you. Regardless of whether you chose your favorite color for your wedding, or rather colors that highlight the current season, we've collected a list of some wedding colors and what they say about you. 


A conservative choice, black complements almost any color, especially the lighter colors. Worthy and mysterious, black means sexiness and sophistication with modern elements. Black is a classic color and refers to a modern-looking bride. Black is always elegant.


Symbol of purity and innocence, white has a strong connotation with youth and perfection. Lovers of white color, strive for perfection and enlightenment, because simplicity and appreciation are permanent values. White is a great color that marks a new beginning for those who are looking for peace and quiet.


Passionate, romantic choice, red is impulsive and open. Shown as zealous and ambitious, red symbolizes love and anger. Regardless of whether it means joy, celebration, happiness or prosperity, red evokes dramatic feelings on both sides of the emotional spectrum. Red lovers tend to be optimistic and restless and combine with people with uncomplicated nature. A powerful choice, red will certainly represent a dashing bride who seems to say, "look at me."


The soft, girlish choice, pink is a slightly sweeter version of the red color. The delicate pink shade is the sensitivity of the heart that is sensitive. A bride surrounded by pink has a motherly grace and compassion and a desire for protection and shelter. A pink fan may have a strong personality, but she will always have a desire to share with others.


Spontaneous and bold timbre. Orange is a happy and fashionable color, orange lovers seem to be popular, have excess energy and are part of a wide range of social. From a bright and merry background to exotic, spicy wealth, brides who prefer orange appear to be fearless and curious, with an irresistible desire to live.


The color of the sunny day, yellow means happiness and hope. Emanating with warmth and vitality, usually with a great sense of humor, people who like yellow color have a serene soul and profess an optimistic value system. They tend to look into the future, they are intellectuals, creative and idealistic personalities. Yellow means enlightenment and spirituality, proving to be the perfect color on the day of the wedding.


Shades of green symbolize life, freshness, nature and fertility. A popular selection of green brides, green shows that you value your health and the environment. Harmonized and balanced green color is a mixture of warm yellow and blue. The brides who choose green are tender, sincere and responsible. They are looking for stability and balance, but they are still faithful to the rules.


Soothing and cool, blue is the color of calm and aristocracy. Blue lovers are introverted, conservative and patient, with a tendency to sensitivity and wisdom. A cheerful and cool blue means careful partners who are loyal but require peace and harmony of existence. From the shade of water to the deep night shadows, blue can be soft and sweet or strong and bold.


Often associated with both aristocracy and luxury, purple is an exciting color. The choice of purple symbolizes dignity, tolerance and values. Purple lovers seem to be unconventional, with a versatile personality. They are tolerant and witty. From lovers of a light shade of lavender and lilac who seem to be charming, witty and cultured, to fans of deep eggplant who are creative and talented, purple can be provocative or sweet.


The natural, neutral color of the earth, brown is the color of health and stability. Symbolizing comfort and contentment, brown means honesty. Just in time for your wedding day, brown is a symbol of responsibility. From rich dark chocolate to coffee with milk and soft beige, this earthy tint can be intense or pale, dramatic or modest.


The above color descriptions are not strict rules or personality definitions, but rather provide an indication of what is important to you. Regardless of whether you choose a sharp orange to match leaves falling from trees in autumn or a pink peony, because it is your favorite color, choose what you think looks good and with what you feel. Your honest choice is an indicator of your true personality and style.

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