Tens of Thousands of unique visitors enter the Art Factory every year, and every single one of them strolls by your boutique! 

There is no better way to introduce new customers to your brand and capture them for life! Don't get lost in a mall or on Main Street - you need to be where the action is - at the Art Factory!









You can't be alone and succeed in this new world.  You need a steady stream of new customers, a support network and the tools to compete in the online marketplace. 

Welcome to the Art Factory!









Tens of Thousands of visitors;

  • Wedding couples seeking venue and vendors
  • Guests for hundreds of Art Factory weddings
  • Attendees to Art Factory public events
  • Tourists to the Art Factory
  • Tourists to the Great Falls National Park
  • Filmmakers from major production companies
  • Art, culture and history enthusiasts








Art Factory's provides an Omnichannel Experience that leverages our amazing location and high foot traffic with our HubSpot-powered  inbound marketing program.  This Experience serves to attract customers, satisfy them and keep them coming back in person and online.  










Improve your Lifestyle while building your business!  Everyone who rents an offices or boutique is a member of our family . . . Our community works together to build better businesses and a fulfilling lifestyle with community, art, culture and social networking.





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Elevate yourself over your competition with your private loft studio in the Art Factory, the most prestigious location for creative entrepreneurs.

By joining our community you have around-the-clock use of your studio and our entire secured campus with our wonderful amenities.











Everyone who rents a private studio becomes a member,  which is your ticket to our Art Factory world.  Secure one of our private studios of various sizes and prices.  Membership is month-to-month, there are no long-term commitments, and you can have partners if you wish!












You need support to succeed in this new world! Surround yourself with a Factory full of like-minded creative entrepreneurs who engage each other, hire each other and share contacts and social networks.














Members have many privileges including access to conference rooms, green rooms, metal and wood shops, photo/film locations, coworking areas, office equipment . . . Entertain your clients over lunch in our vibrant cafe while discussing business!






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Art Factory Inbound Marketing benefits all members, whether retail or office.  The Art Factory website and media platform is powered by Hubspot, a tremendous marketing and sales tool.  All of our members are considered vendors with a home on our website.  We do your marketing and drive new customers your way!