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Your Local Industrial Wedding Venue in New Jersey

Whether you’re early or late to the trend, there’s no question that industrial wedding events are “in'' right now. Industrial- and rustic-themed weddings are quaint, romantic ways to celebrate your love — and take awesome wedding photos! But it isn’t always easy to find the best place for the ceremony, let alone a place to hold industrial or rustic wedding parties and celebrations.

Don’t waste time by continuing to search for the perfect industrial or rustic wedding venue. You’ve found it at TheArtFactory in Paterson, New Jersey! Our experts can help you plan industrial- or rustic-themed weddings that make your special day truly unique and wow your guests while you’re at it! With our experience in set design, prop creation, and more, we can set up your industrial or rustic wedding venue to look exactly the way you want it.


Industrial Weddings: The Trend Everyone’s Talking About

So what exactly is an industrial wedding? “Industrial” wedding events are all a little bit different, but many of them share a few key aesthetic similarities. Including these touches in your industrial wedding parties and celebrations is sure to make your big day memorable and trendy!


  • Exposed brick or bare white walls
  • Large, open spaces
  • Minimal decoration
  • Silver, gold, and other metallic colors
  • Visible metal piping, wires, or other “factory” elements


One reason industrial wedding events have become so popular is that the elegance of traditional wedding attire stands out beautifully against simple industrial spaces. Especially if you choose colorful dresses, tuxes, ties, or another bright element to catch your guests’ eyes, you can really tie together your wedding colors in an industrial wedding venue. And best of all, you can do it without paying a fortune for flowers, overdoing your decorations, or otherwise spending beyond your wedding budget.


Rustic-Themed Weddings: Going Green in Style

Rustic and industrial wedding venues are similar in simplicity, but they are far from identical. Some of the features that define rustic wedding events include, but aren’t limited to:


  • “Bohemian”/ “boho” fashion elements such as casual clothing, braided hair, and bare feet
  • Natural touches such as greenery, unfinished wood, and wildflowers
  • Simple handmade decorations made from found objects
  • Muted colors


Many people who visit our New Jersey wedding venue express that it would be perfect for rustic wedding parties and celebrations due to its size and versatility. While some rustic weddings are designed to take place outside, it never hurts to have a backup location for your reception in case of rain — or skip sweating through a spring or summer wedding altogether and hold your rustic wedding parties and celebrations indoors at TheArtFactory!


Industrial Wedding Celebrations: Making the Old New Again!

Wedding guests often find industrial weddings to be so charming because they’re romantic in a modern and minimalist way.


Rustic Wedding Celebrations: Blending Trendy with Traditional

Rustic weddings are popular among many different demographics. People interested in nontraditional weddings aren’t the only ones who can enjoy a rustic wedding celebration. In fact, because there are no official rules about rustic wedding events, you can make your ceremony truly yours, and that’s something to treasure in and of itself.


Our Other Venue Specialties

We also specialize in these and more wedding celebrations:



You don’t have to be getting married to spend time at TheArtFactory! Need a venue for corporate events? Seeking bar mitzvah venues to accommodate all your child’s friends — plus your whole family? We can do all these things and more. Just fill out our contact form, and we’ll get back to your ASAP!


The Best Industrial and Rustic Wedding Venues in New Jersey!

We don’t just want to help you book your wedding at the best industrial or rustic wedding venue in New Jersey. We’re also invested in creating the industrial- or rustic-themed wedding of your dreams, down to the very last prop. Get in touch with our experts today, and we’ll work our magic to make your day unforgettable!

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