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12 miles from NYC on I-80


Looking for the perfect wedding venue in NJ? Look no further than Wedding Works! Our experienced team will build your wedding like we build our movie sets - wrapping your love story around your big day! We plan, source, and set your chosen wedding décor in your selected wedding venue. We are the only wedding venue that can do this! Wedding Works at the Art Factory Studios is the perfect venue for your cutting-edge wedding! This is the best place ever! No catering hall, country club, or rustic barn can compare. The Art Factory has created a new one-of-a-kind, avant-garde wedding program! We use our experience building movie sets and hosting major film productions to create your personalized industrial chic wedding experience. A venue is the one thing you can't skip while pretty much every other aspect of a wedding is optional. You've got to have somewhere for your friends and family to gather and celebrate. However, finding the perfect venue is not simple.
Pick a location that will make your wedding day everything you've ever wanted! One tip that wedding planners suggest to ensure you get your dream venue, wedding planners suggest booking early.., if you know how many guests you're expecting to invite, it will save you a lot of trouble before you start looking for a venue. If you choose a venue that is too small for your guest list and more guests RSVP 'yes' than you can fit in the space, you may have to turn guests away. It is important to have a conversation early to know how many people you are really working with. Keep in mind that Wedding Works @TheArtFactory doesn't charge per person, so the more then merrier! This important feature alone enhances the affordability of your dream wedding!

The rental cost for Wedding Works at the Art Factory includes décor, parking, bridal and groom's suites and no extra fees so you don't need to worry about additional costs. All tables, chairs and furniture are included in your rental to fit your vision. While other wedding venues will charge you for rental items that are often more basic we will provide most trending options for your wedding. Our all-inclusive packages make it easy to have the wedding of your dreams without worrying about additional costs. If you're working with another venue that has in-house catering with a food and beverage minimum, make sure to include the tax and gratuity in your calculations

Looking for a wedding venue that includes décor, parking and bridal and groom's suites? Look no further than Wedding Works at the Art Factory! 

When you rent Wedding Works at the Art Factory, you don't need to worry about additional costs. All tables, chairs, and furniture are included in your rental, as well as décor, parking, bridal and groom's suites, and more. We include all your extra expenses in your final price, so there are no surprises later on! To view our Themed Wedding packages, click on the links bellow!

A theme-based wedding places a storyline around your big day. This makes it easy for someone to associate your wedding with you.

We offer not only incredible traditional weddings, but our Themed Weddings are absolutely breathtaking... Check us out:



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