Brand: BeautifulSelf

There are 3.5 million breast cancer fighters and survivors in the United States today. However surviving does not mean thriving.  

The long term physical, sexual, social and emotional ramifications of breast cancer treatment often wreak havoc on the feminine psyche. As a result, survivors can feel lost and distraught in their own skin, all while longing to feel whole and beautiful in a body they no longer recognize.

Beautiful Self believes a woman’s positive self -worth is crucial to long term recovery.

Our unapologetic and glamorous sessions peel away layers of doubt breast cancer leaves behind. By combining extensive industry talent with mighty feminine energy, we orchestrate a metamorphosis that allows survivors to see themselves as whole and beautiful. *We are not a makeover, but a documented core transformation to self-love.  

As a 501c3 non profit we rely on Donations to provide our service. 


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