Leandro Da Silva

Brand: The Glam Era

Leandro is capturing the moment and it's emotion. From an early age, I've been expressing my thoughts and visions using different art forms varying from drawing to painting and photography. I am lucky to be able to call my job, my passion. Not many people can say that. I love creating ART, photographing memories, and creating a story in a way that my clients would want it to be expressed.  My visions are seen throughout my work and can be related to the client's unique perspective. My canvas or work is flexible, but I specialize in weddings. I focus on both the smallest details, as well as, the grandest moments; captured and printed into beautiful masterpieces. My work speaks volumes and my passion is shown through each client's assignment, as though we're reliving those moments all over again. One of my biggest commitments I make to each individual client is to consistently give him/her high quality work with a touch of perfection. When I am not designing or photographing, I love to travel, play soccer, mentor, work out, and relax with family and friends. Please contact me for any additional information. I would love to get to know you!


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