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NuView Weddings

Brand: Thatwerks

NuView Weddings will tell your love story beautifully and honestly. Your wedding day deserves to be documented from the heart by a team who is invested with all of theirs. We love, love! Our luxurious Long Island wedding videographers capture every exceptional moment of your wedding day and condense it into an original work of art that you will cherish forever. We create alluring wedding videos that will make you cry. There’s no cookie cutter template here lovers. Every emotional wedding video we produce is cinematic, story-driven and created specifically for you! Our professional wedding videographers unobtrusively captivate your love, highlighting all the excitement, laughter, and romance of your special wedding day. Our goal is to produce the best wedding video’s you’ve ever seen!

NuView Weddings is not your average wedding videography company! Our team is made up of professional videographers and video editors who happen to also be well educated filmmakers with degrees in both sound and production. We believe the best wedding videography begins with the best wedding videographers. Therefore we only work with top-tier, highly ranked, premium wedding cinematographers who radiate passion, and we have tons! So you can feel comfortable knowing that we are always looking for the best cinematographers in Long Island to shoot your memorable day. 

In order to achieve top-rated cinematography we don’t just look for Long Island's best wedding videographers, we focus on finding Long Island’s best wedding video editors as well! Being that your wedding video is meant to last a lifetime we only work with award-winning wedding video editors so that your wedding film is cohesive and cut to perfection. We make amazing wedding films for amazing people and we’re super excited to meet you!

Owner of NuView Weddings

Michael Fiore


Contract: info@nuviewproductions.com

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