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Willow and Sage Catering

With a passion for innovation, the Willow and Sage Catering Team bring years of experience and originality to your table. Our custom menus, out-of-the-box presentations, world class service, and flawless event execution are what separates a Willow & Sage affair from the rest.

Willow and Sage Catering is proud to partner with the Art Factory. Over the years Willow and Sage have provided our Celebrants with an exceptional culinary experience in all the spaces the Art Factory has to offer.

Willow and Sage Catering offers multiple reception types such as Formal Sit-Down Receptions with Cocktail Hours and Floating Cocktail Receptions. Our cuisine is Modern American, with a touch of Italian, French, Latin, and Asian Influence. We also offer menu enhancements that elevate your guests’ experience during and after the celebration. The Willow and Sage Catering Team are happy to work with you to create a culinary experience that suits your wedding style, personal tastes, and budget.

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